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Cartoony Car Rigging

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What do you learn? 

Learn to rig a cartoony car and from then on understand how to approach any kind of vehicle rigging. We go through the basics of joint layout and structure to advanced deformation techniques and approaches. 

As always there is almost never a one way to victory with rigging. It is a give and takes between the TDs and Animators. In this course, we do the initial steps to make a cartoony rig that is both fun to animate but also fun to make. The end result is a fun race car in the 1930's style. 

Who is it for? 

It is a beginner to the intermediate course so everyone can follow along, you will take baby steps and at the end leap forward in understanding advanced concepts such as deformation stacks, mixed methods, mechanics vs deformation. 

This course gathers all the information you can find online over the next two years into one concentrated class. Stop wasting your time being confused about small simple things and get the ground pillars under control. 

It is the approach

People often ask me "How in the world do you remember how to do all these steps??!" The truth is, I don't. With this approach, you become a living calculator. Like math you do not remember what everything multiplied with anything is equal to, it is your approach to knowing the right algorithm that makes you able to get the right result every time. That is what you learn in this course. 

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  • You get my final rig to animate but also to use as a reference as you are learning. You gain access to all the
  • Size2.49 GB
  • Reference Rig
  • 5 hours of lectures
  • Concentrated Knowledge


Cartoony Car Rigging

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