Introduction To Maya Cloth Sim

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Want to spice up your animation scene? 

In this simple tutorial you are taken through how I add a newly modelled coat to my character. How I skin it certain joint and then update my animation file so i can later on simulate it with maya's native cloth solver. 

What You Get

You learn the absolute basic workflow for setting cloth into your animation scene. How you copy weights around to new geometry and how you do the settings for your first sim. You will learn how to shot sculpt and overall good simple practise for simulating something simple. 

Only for the absolut beginner 

This tutorial is for someone who has never done any simulation before. Its a brief introduction to a major part of the cg pipeline. Keep in mind that doing cloth simulation is somehing people spend years to learn so you will have to practice your skills. 

What Can You Do when you are done? 

You will be able to approach your own shots and error check a simulation beucase you have learned how to approach the most common mistakes people do in cloth simulation. 

It will add the icing on the cake for that portfolio piece. 

Having a simulated character shows that you are committed to take your shot as far as possible, that you have understood the workflow of dealing with cloth. Not only if you are an animator but also 

What do you get

You get The Rig, The Animation file and The Tecordings 


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Introduction To Maya Cloth Sim

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