Scrum For Game Development

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Scrum For Game Development

3 ratings

Create Games Successfully with Scrum

In this Scrum For Games Class, you learn about the entire Scrum model with associated tools and how Scrum is organized in your company - a complete Scrum guide. The result is better-customized products, minimization of development costs, and reduced development time. You win on all parameters.

In this class, we assume the role of a project responsible who drives Scrum and agile processes in their part of the organization.

Important Information - This is Practical

The first problem this class solves differently is; that with most Scrum Classes the approach is to teach scrum theoretically and not practically. In many cases, this is because the ones who are teaching Scrum do not actually know how to implement the workflow when it comes to actual use cases. That is what this course does differently.

I build a test game for this master class and we mimic an actual sprint with tasks, planning, dailies, reviews, and retrospective. Unlike normal scrum courses that remain theoretical, this class teaches scrum methodology with a practical approach of actual Game Development. In simple; this class shows how to implement and practically use the workflow of Scrum in games.

The secondary problem this course teaches is how to manage game development. Everyone is teaching how to make the actual elements in a game. "Learn how to make a first-person shooter game", "Make a simple Game Today", but no one ever talks about how studios manages to actually take a game from start to finish in collaborations. You will learn how to work agile and how to cover all parts of your game instead of getting stuck in details.

Is this course for you?

While most Scrum courses are adapted to IT development, this course is aimed at the person who wants to know how scrum is introduced in a game development environment. You need no prior knowledge of neither the game industry nor Scrum workflows. The course is for both private and public managers, specialists, developers, and key employees who (1) want to work with Scrum and (2) want to support an agile way of working, all visualized on your Scrum boards.

This course is suitable both for you who work as a Scrum Master, producers, or anyone who has an interest in an administrative role where Scrum is used in practice when developing games.

Instructor Information

Game Producer | Scrum Master | eMBA Student Kasper Larsson.

Bachelor in Computer Graphics from The Animation Workshop, MBA Student at Associates of Visionary Thinkers, Producer, Scrum Master, and the production responsible at Flashbulb Games in Copenhagen.

Mail: kasper@manoanim.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kasper-larsson/
Artist Reel: https://vimeo.com/266695201

Build on "Free Trial" Software

The software tools for this course are all free if you use the "free trial period" that gives you an opportunity to figure out if these are the right ones for you before you commit to any payment. I am not affiliated with any of these software platforms and benefit nothing from whatever you chose to do.

Example Lecture

In this lecture from chapter 5, we improve our sprint board. We see the automation we have set up come to work and optimize the flow of scrum and agile shine. We build tasks that go through the different production stages as we improve the product together. In this example I have build an increment to our game. There is no requirement that use Unreal Engine. I build the examples so you can see how your team will be working. This is the closest you get to a real life situation.

Get Certification of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you are invited to share your final board. If your work is sufficiently displaying a solid understanding of Scrum for Game Development I will issue a Completion Certificate in a PDF format with my signature. This is a manual process that is an option you can choose to add for an additional payment, but only if you wish.

Each student of this Master Class will need their own separate account regardless of their certification choice.

Size of the Course

The course is a total of 6 chapters spread over 35 videos and 7 hours of course content. The fast student will finish the lectures by just watching but the course will take days to replicate and set up for your own productions. The goal is to give you a scalable foundation that you can keep developing and evolving.

Contact me if you have questions.


Kasper Larsson
Mail: kasper@manoanim.com

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Utilizing the power of scrum in a game development environment. Includes a ton of information for people both outside and inside the industry.

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