2 Week Intensive Creature Game Rigging

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Intro to Game Creature Rigging

Included in course:

In this course, you will learn how to create an Alien Creature Rig from the ground up. The class starts with introductions to different parts of the rigging pipeline and on to applying techniques to the character provided.

In total this class covers 10 days of full-time attention to complete. It was taught as a part of the Bachelor's degree at The Animation Workshop. The students work in Maya and end up integrating the character into Unreal Engine. You are expected to follow along and solve your own problems.

A total of 74 Rigging Lectures

  • Bonus Scripting Lectures
  • All WIP Files To follow the Videos with
  • Short Videos you can easily track

Why Rigging?

Remember Rigging means “problem solving”, in many other parts of the pipeline we have an artistic freedom to disagree and while rigging have an artistic angle - specially when it comes to the deformation - there is still a right or wrong answer to your rig. Does it work or doesn’t it work? Remember its about the struggle and everytime you fail you learn something new.

Who is this for?

This course is for the person who wants to evolve their technical understanding and wishes to challenge themselves. Rigging is not easy, but its not impossible either, we are not rocket scientists - just pusselsolvers. You need little to no experience with rigging if you do this course, a fundamental understanding of Maya is needed.

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2 Week Intensive Creature Game Rigging

5 ratings
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