Procedural Workflow for VFX and Animation with Maya, Redshift

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NO UVs, NO Textures - ONLY Maya and Redshift Rendering.

In this course you learn Procedural Workflow. The power of this technique is unending amount of detail that keep on dividing and detailing with every subdivision.

Procedural workflow utilises the power of Maya and Redshift nodes, that combined gives a reality beyond many other workflows.

When you learn to master the procedural workflow your render times lowers drastically because you no longer rely on high 8-16 bit maps the quality is beyond UV tiles.


Procedural vs UVs will take render times from boringly long to almost realtime.

The power that procedural utilises is math for shading instead of manual guesswork.

Instead of using any software you get a unique look from one software alone.


Become efficient in a modernised workflow and learn how to either upgrade your artillery of abilities or even better combined it with your already good skill set.

Work for the visually strongest companies by knowing the best techniques.

Invest in your skillset and get the return on your investment in the form of a great career

Build a portfolio piece that makes you stand out from the norm.

The course is only for those who are willing to buckle down and work hard.

There is no lying about that. Time invested plus interest is equal to your talent.

You will only be on your way when you have hit start. 

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Procedural Workflow for VFX and Animation with Maya, Redshift

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